Barcelona IVF Acupuncture Service Update


Please note that this service is currently closed due to relocation.

Urgent queries: please do feel welcome to send a WhatsApp text to 0034 662 260 128 for details of alternative English speaking acupuncturists working with acupuncture for IVF in Barcelona (and other assisted reproduction techniques, “ART”).

After ten wonderful years working in this area, I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank everyone who came. It is a very special area of acupuncture to be involved with and I wish you all the very best.

Why choose acupuncture for IVF?

In a 2002 landmark study, a group of women who had an acupuncture protocol before and after transfer had:

  • 41.5% pregnancy rate
  • versus a 26.3 % in a “control group” of women who did not

Later teams of researchers used similar study designs. The British Acupuncture Council has published an online factsheet2 summarising key research on acupuncture and IVF (and Assisted Reproduction Technologies, or ART for short).

IVF acupuncture in Barcelona can take various forms:

“On The Day” Sessions

  • Typically one session before the embryo transfer and one afterwards.
  • When possible, within a 24 hour timescale.

IVF Preparation Phase

Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture whilst following the advice and treatments of your IVF Clinic team:

  • During the preparation for “egg collection” (ooctye retrieval).
  • Weekly for weeks or months aiming to balance the body
  • To help soothe stress throughout the preparation phase

My Approach Supports Your Unique Personal Fertility Journey

  • Many years experience working with international and local IVF patients.
  • English first language (British acupuncturist trained in London, UK).
  • Strict sterile precautions.
  • Your sessions take place close to the major IVF clinics.
  • Taxis can be booked for you to minimise your stress on the day.
  • Understanding, caring approach.
  • Equality: welcoming all single women, couples and prospective families
  • Enquire and book by email, WhatsApp or Skype

A Note On Aftercare

  • Sessions can be tailored throughout the trimesters or as needed for any problems that crop up (for example, nausea, tiredness, birth preparation phase).
  • Ask me for an email / WhatsApp on UK or overseas acupuncture clinics
  • If an IVF cycle has not been successful, soothe stress and support the body to recover its natural balance.


1Paulus et al. (2002).Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy”. Journal of Fertility and Sterility. Vol 7, No. 44, April. Available online at:

The British Acupuncture Council. (2015). Infertility ART. Available online at:

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