About Your Appointment

What can I expect from my¬† ‘Acupuncture¬†Barcelona’ appointment?

РA full consultation  using Traditional Chinese Medicine principles

– Hygienic practices according to strict Professional Codes

– Individual tailored treatments

– Clothing is not removed except to access areas used for treatment



First session (90 minutes) 65 euros

Following sessions (approx 60 minutes) 55 euros


Why do you work with Chinese style acupuncture

One of the most researched, studied, observed practices worldwide

Known for its unique approach and results



Qi flows through pathways


How does acupuncture work?

How many sessions do I need?

How does it feel?


How does acupuncture work?

  • We look to track the changes that happen compared to the first day you came in
  • Points used change according to your condition and your individual progress
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tried and tested guiding principles determine why you have your problem, from the ‘inside out’
  • A body of theory and applied experience always help us to understand which points are going to give you the best results

How many sessions do I need?

  • This does vary between patients
  • Discussed before beginning, and at any time during your course of sessions
  • For Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture: a course of 6-12 once a week sessions is recommended for optimal benefits

How does it feel?

  • The response again varies between patients
  • Sensations of a pleasant, warm, relaxing feeling are very common
  • Limbs may temporarily feel a little heavy
  • It has also been known for acupuncturists to find patients have drifted off into a light sleep


For all enquiries and appointments,

speak to Barcelona acupuncturist Ruth Westnidge in confidence:

call (+34) 662 260 128

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