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Traditional Chinese Herbal Formula: 

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After ten great year’s practicing acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Barcelona, the service has now  relocated to Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

A huge thank you to all the clients from the last decade in Barcelona city!



Online Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine consulations 40 euros


Why do you work with this practice?

It’s one of the most researched, studied, observed practices worldwide

Known for its unique approach and results

How does it work?

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tried and tested guiding principles determine why you have your problem, from the ‘inside out’
  • A body of theory and applied experience always help us to understand which strategy to take

How many sessions are reccomended?

  • This does vary between clients
  • Discussed before beginning, and at any time during your course of sessions

For all enquiries and online appointments,

speak to  Ruth Westnidge in confidence:

call (+34) 662 260 128

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